Meet: Sorrell



My name is Sorrell, and Iā€™m a 23 year old Mancunian living in London. I co-lead the Manchester based running crew Still Waters Run Deep, love a good pint, cake, and running running running.

After being inspired by my brother for completing the London Marathon, and wanting to lose some…

My first marathon!! LONDON! Best race eveeeer!! Aimed for 4hr30 but has the best time ever- made it in 4hr43 šŸ˜ so emotional- here’s me at the end lol šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ #vlm2014 #londonmarathon #foodandlycra #boostlondon (at London Marathon 2014)

Ok just less than 2 days now. Here’s some snaps of our journey to the London Marathon #vlm2014 #londonmarathon #boostlondon video by @samona_o ā¤ļø

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